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Video Micro Analysis

Working with a client to better understand their verbal and nonverbal messaging, Beth conducts a confidential analysis of the verbal, visual and vocal aspects of an individual's communication. She provides support for the development of effective messaging and an opportunity to rehearse and practice new patterns.

Strategy Development

As a trusted colleague and coach, Beth discusses best practices and strategy for building relationships, enhancing credibility and improving outcomes. She suggests creative and innovative solutions and approaches that can improve meetings, events and conference experiences.

Scripting Support

Beth has assisted leaders in crafting messages, writing speeches, and team presentation. She has assisted in the development of support materials for presentations including slides and workbooks, story development and designed audience engagement activities.

Relationship and Credibility Enhancement

A manager's and leader's effectiveness in relationships is impacted by their credibility. Beth assists managers and leaders in the assessment and enhancement of their current and desired credibility with key stakeholders. She assists them in examining their credibility and enhancing specific demonstrations of competence, trustworthiness, honesty, openness and dynamism.