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Speaking and Training


Hire Beth to deliver a keynote presentation or to open or close a conference or meeting. She will provide a content rich, informative, engaging and enjoyable presentation. Her use of practical examples, stories and strategies are selected to achieve your objectives.


Schedule Beth to deliver a ½ day or full day of training or facilitation. Her departmental retreats, workshops and strategic planning sessions are high energy and engaging experiences with results that impact the future behavior and relationships of attendees and participants.


Program topics, length and objectives vary. Beth prefers to customize content. Her willingness to get to know her clients has caused her to be mistaken for an insider. Topics listed can be customized to be delivered as a 15 minute QUICK TIP segment, a 30-75 minute keynote or a ½ day or full day program. A participant workbook, tip sheet and power point presentation can also be included.

Working Successfully with People
Strategies for getting along with associates and thriving in the workplace.

Let's Talk!
Conversation strategies for senders and responders; making it safe, making it fun, making it balanced and reciprocal.

Communication at Work: Top 10 to do list for 21st Century Communicators
10 strategies for improving communication at work. Customized to the industry and audience.

Working Assertively
Strategies for communicating assertively and techniques for coping with associatesí
passive and aggressive behaviors.

Bravo! What a Presentation!
Strategies for developing and presenting successful business presentations as individuals, panels and teams.

Credibility: Smart, Sensitive, Savvy and Sincere Communication
Assessment of current credibility and strategies to enhance others perception of your competence, character, honesty and dynamism.

Leadership Through Dialogue
Strategies for establishing relationships, rapport and respect at work when you are responsible for supervising, leading and managing others.

Feedback: A Coaching Approach
Strategies for diagnosing, confronting and improving performance at work.

Customized Programs

Customized programs are a large portion of Beth's work. She frequently designs specialized workshops, in-service training or series to meet the specific needs of her clients.