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Organizational Development

Building internal teams as well as processes and procedures, breaking down silos, improving communication, seeking feedback through employee satisfaction surveys and focus groups while achieving improved satisfaction and performance have been the outcomes of the organizational development consulting that Beth has provided to small and large, nonprofit and global clients.

Change Management

Changing culture or processes and procedures requires a coordinated plan that involves key stakeholders in the design, development and launch of the project. Beth has led projects working with internal teams to change communication processes, on boarding and orientation programs, manager effectiveness, and leadership development and performance measurement.

Team Building

Facilitation of high quality conversation to clarify goals and strategies, building working relationships and communication plans to achieve team outcomes and supporting the team throughout their life cycle, are some of the ways that Beth has assisted clients in building high performance teams.

Leadership Development

Beth has been brought in to design succession planning approaches, assess candidates for leadership roles and support the development of individual and teams of high potentials in career development. Beth has taught a Managerial Communication course for MBA candidates, developed supervisory and management programs and worked with directors and executives in developing the leading people skills, confidence and competencies needed for their roles.

Hourly Phone Consultation

Beth provides hourly phone consultation for individuals and teams seeking feedback on strategy, message, and presentations. She works with global teams of executives as a virtual coach; meeting by phone, online and with video to provide just in time support and direction.